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made in China mattress spring clip for spring mattress

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 6000pcs/carton
Delivery Detail: 30days after you place the order of mattress spring clips
1.over twenty years experience.
2.size can be customized
3.Galvanized steel Zn-Al alloy, cold rolled plate
4.mattress clip

Product detailed:
M88 clipping the code nails series or M88 mattress spring clip .Because of the embedded style link with PE wire inside, M88 mattress clip could neither fail off easily nor get struck in the pneumatic gun easily. mattress spring clip are mainly used in the connection betwween the rim and the spring of mattress or sofa.

mattress spring clip
Model M88
Crown(mm) 6.2
height(mm) 8.5mm
width(mm) 20.5mm
Material thickness(mm) 0.8mm

Galvanized steel or Zn-Al alloy or cold rolled plate



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