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wire hog rings for mattress spring bed,sofa

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 10000pcs/cartonD ring staple
Delivery Detail: 30days after you place the order of D ring staple
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Products Details: Produnct Name:HR 14 OR C-14 Series wire hog rings

wire hog rings C-Ring staple and D Ring staple use the?high quality galvanized material or stainess steel adhered with hog melt adhesive to protect the staples from shedding and make it convenient for using.

Specifications:The specification of wire hog rings
Crown 13.5mm
Height 7.5mm
Thickness 1.3mm
Color silver or golden
Material galvanized iron or stainess steel
Box/CTN 2940 pcs/box

The?picture of the shape of the feet of the wire hog rings is as follows:

wire hog rings is mostly used forCar seat assembling,Spring mattress Engineering works,Interios, Wiring,Fencing,Golf nets, Insulation,Camouflaged?nets, Gardening The matched plier for c-22 hog ring is as follows:

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