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bent head hog ring plier (Easy used)

We market the best price, selection of high quality materials to produce quality products, I hope there is a need for customers to contact us, and we can customize products to your specifications, I hope happy!

Specifications:Hog Ring Plier
1. Hand Pliers Special For Car Seat Furniture
2. Matching With The Hog Ring Staples
3. Popuar In The Middle East Maret
4. Min.order:1000pcs.
5. Packing: 5pcs/box, 10 Boxes/carton.
6.Great pliers for upholstery jobs on all vehicles.
7.Design for installing Hog Ring fasteners
8.Gripping Hog Rings for closure.
9.Pliers loaded with spring to hold the hog ring in jaws while using.
10.Cushioned grip handle for comfort use

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Add:Coastal industrial zones of Shaoxing(New Sanjiang) City Zhejiang Pro China
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