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mattress pipe

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:
Mattress pipe
Packing; carton packing, one Box=3000pcs/2000pcs ,and each one has a thick plastic bagsi it, cardboard boxes to prevent fromcrushing
Delivery Detail:usually 30days, but always depend on your order

Shaoxing Feida Nail Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating with research, design, production and sale. We specialize in producing mattress clips series, C ring staples, D ring staples, “U” type staples, etc, In addition, we can produce all kinds of samples acccording to you.

Mattress pipe
1.OD: 8mm, Diameter:5.5mm
2.Surface treatment:galanized
3.Application:fixing the mattress frame, to make stable

What is the size of Mattress pipe
product mattress pipe
OD 8mm
diameter 5.5mm
surface treatment galvanized

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Add:Coastal industrial zones of Shaoxing(New Sanjiang) City Zhejiang Pro China
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