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M46 Series Roll Clinching Clip Mattress Bedding

Produnct Name:
M46 Series Roll Clinching Clip Mattress

1.material: galvanize steel or cold rolled plate
2.packing: 10000pcs/carton or 10000pcs/roll.
3.sell abroad.

1. What is the size of M46 Series Roll Clinching Clip Mattress?
M46 Series clips used for M46 clips tools
Types: Strip and roll clips.
Model Crown Inside Width Height Thickness Packing
CL-12 11.00mm 6.2mm 11.0mm 0.8mm 10000pcs
CL-14 11.00mm 5.8mm 12.7mm 0.8mm 10000pcs
CL-16 11.00mm 6.2mm 14.5mm 0.8mm 10000pcs
CL-18 11.00mm 6.2mm 13.3mm 0.8mm 10000pcs
CL-20 11.00mm 5.8mm 14.0mm 0.8mm 10000pcs

2. What is used for?
Pocket spring mattress. bonnel spring mattress. continous spring mattress poultry wire mesh netting. car-seat using, barbed razor wire and stone cage etc.

3. Can you tell me how to pack it?
Packing quantity: 10000pcs/carton or 10000pcs/roll.
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